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This  story evokes sadness and sparks joy and humor at the same time. It relays the message throughout: “It’s not where you are coming from  in life, but where you are going that matters.”

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Meet Norma

Norma Stone-Walker is a Jamaican Author. Norma was born in the beautiful fertile village of Bognie, in South Eastern Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Norma attended Content Primary, Unity Primary and Manning’s School in the parish of Westmoreland.
Norma has written several books. Her debut novel in the AI KA’RAMBA series THE THIRD EYE was submitted for the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE and THE 2019 AMERICAN BEST BOOK AWARD.

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Wrath of God

A Story of Lawlessness, Destruction, and Expectation

It’s the 17th Century and the heydays of piracy. Life could not have been better for the marauding buccaneers who made Port Royal, Jamaica their home while plundering ships on the high seas. Their livelihood of preying and plundering was cut short however when a cataclysmic event disrupted their lives and destroyed their pirate’s haven.
In the aftermath of the devastating occurrence, many wondered if the disaster was an accident of nature or divine retribution for the atrocities that had occurred in a place once referred to as “The Wickedest City on Earth.”
When strange things began to happen in the wake of the devastation, many were concerned about how the survivors would deal with the numerous paranormal encounters and the supernatural antics of those thought to have perished in the catastrophe.
As these inhabitants joined forces to ensure their survival, they remained resolute, determined to change others perception, rebuild the city, and capitalize on the notoriety of the areas former adage of being the biblical “Sodom and Gomorrah”

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Graveyard of Dreams

A Story of Suffering, Anticipation and Tragedy

Marked as “The Corridor of Death,” the waters of the Rio Cobre River have become a graveyard for many travelers, while its depths clutch tightly to the mysteries of the past. Built in the 18th Century in the Bog Walk Gorge, Flat Bridge has a tragic history and is a cause of trepidation for many motorists.  

For Beulah Williams, who had to travel this stretch of highway as part of her journey from purgatory to healing, the area was cursed. It held the secret to the misfortunes of her past and the keys to her family’s dreadful and unforgivable history.

Despite the tragedies of the past, however, the deceptive waters of the Rio Cobre still beckon those motorists who have conflicting emotions about the area, while those who must traverse this narrow passage do so at their own peril knowing that danger lurks within the river’s deceptive depths.

However, from a pinnacle high above the river, the guardians of the Rio Cobre River look on as protectors. From atop their rock of Gibraltar, these caretakers of the river have made the heights their home as they foresee the moment that members of the Williams clan will succumb to the same watery grave which their ancestor had subjugated so many others to. With this purpose in mind, these custodians are laser-focused as they are determined to carry out their unwavering mission of protecting and preserving their ancestor’s legacy and righting history’s terrible wrong.

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“Norma Stone-Walker’s honest yet heartwarming representation of old Jamaica is a skillful execution of introducing us to the nuances of rural life. The aptly named characters are used to weave the fabric of ‘country life’ in a nostalgic way. I couldn’t help but smile while reminiscing on both the value and longevity of culture.
“Juxtaposed against issues of morality, Norma painstakingly provides details of each scenario, just enough to make you eager to know what comes next! A delightful read, Norma takes us through the paces of the dichotomy called survival . . . Jamaican style.”

-A. E. Roxanne Petgrave


The Third Eye, by Norma Stone Walker, is a wonderful collection of childhood memories. It gripped my attention from start to finish. It was a pleasant journey down memory lane. Well done!



This book was well written. Th humor is unbelievable: I couldn’t stop laughing right through the whole book. The memories of growing up in the same parish as the author kept flooding me in a delightful way. The spin of the African adage “it takes a village ” will stun you at the end.

-Marsha Gordon

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