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This  story evokes sadness and sparks joy and humor at the same time. It relays the message throughout: “It’s not where you are coming from  in life, but where you are going that matters.”

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Meet Norma

Norma Stone-Walker is a Jamaican Author. Norma was born in the beautiful fertile village of Bognie, in South Eastern Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Norma attended Content Primary, Unity Primary and Manning’s School in the parish of Westmoreland.
Norma has written several books. Her debut novel in the AI KA’RAMBA series THE THIRD EYE was submitted for the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE and THE 2019 AMERICAN BEST BOOK AWARD.

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Depth of Bondage

A story of Pain Anguish and Resolve

High in the inhospitable mountains of the cockpit country, a runaway band of rebels have thrown off the shackles of slavery and are now being regarded by the enslaved population as a symbol of struggle, resistance, and triumph.

These renegades are now being called upon to put their skills to the test and assist two high-value defectors who wanted to make a daring escape.

When the wailing sound of the ancestral drum reverberated through the night unexpectedly, it sent shivers down the spine of the plantation owners, and a shock wave through the gang of rebels.

Knowing time was of the essence, the leader of the resistance dispatched Maasai, the renowned Healer and medicine man from deep in the mountains, to call on the forces of the ancestral spirits.  

Would Maasai be able to complete the mission that they had given to him, or would the forces of evil prevent him from completing his assignment? With the odds stacked against them, Maasai and the warriors sent with him will face a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in order to defeat the enemy and survive.

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Echoes of Mercy

A Story of Tenacity, Reproach, and Penalty

Its disappearance was sudden and inexplicable. Leaving the once peaceful community of Bognie in an uproar over the disappearance of such a valuable item. Determined to solve the mystery, residents of this rural farming community utilized an age-old technique that the old-timers had used for centuries.
The inaccuracy of their archaic technique was shocking yet undeniable, which left everyone speechless. Members of the community, who had endorsed the ancient method, now concluded that there may be supernatural forces at play.
Zeroing in on their misfortune, elders pointed their fingers towards a cataclysmic disaster that occurred 1904 in Saint Catherine that bore a direct relation to the present-day calamity.
To halt any further catastrophe, members of the village sought to call renown Officer Speng back into action. Officer Speng was still reeling from the effects of his last assignment. Armed with his special skills and investigative knowhow, Officer Speng took on the town of Saint Catherine and its frightening history.
With nothing but a few indistinguishable animal prints as clues, the lawman must come to grips with a growing dilemma, knowing that the results of his finding would have dire consequences for anyone living in one of Jamaica’s most notorious parishes.

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“Norma Stone-Walker’s honest yet heartwarming representation of old Jamaica is a skillful execution of introducing us to the nuances of rural life. The aptly named characters are used to weave the fabric of ‘country life’ in a nostalgic way. I couldn’t help but smile while reminiscing on both the value and longevity of culture.
“Juxtaposed against issues of morality, Norma painstakingly provides details of each scenario, just enough to make you eager to know what comes next! A delightful read, Norma takes us through the paces of the dichotomy called survival . . . Jamaican style.”

-A. E. Roxanne Petgrave


The Third Eye, by Norma Stone Walker, is a wonderful collection of childhood memories. It gripped my attention from start to finish. It was a pleasant journey down memory lane. Well done!



This book was well written. Th humor is unbelievable: I couldn’t stop laughing right through the whole book. The memories of growing up in the same parish as the author kept flooding me in a delightful way. The spin of the African adage “it takes a village ” will stun you at the end.

-Marsha Gordon

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