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This  story evokes sadness and sparks joy and humor at the same time. It relays the message throughout: “It’s not where you are coming from  in life, but where you are going that matters.”

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Meet Norma

Norma Stone-Walker is a Jamaican Author. Norma was born in the beautiful fertile village of Bognie, in South Eastern Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Norma attended Content Primary, Unity Primary and Manning’s School in the parish of Westmoreland.
Norma has written several books. Her debut novel in the AI KA’RAMBA series THE THIRD EYE was submitted for the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE and THE 2019 AMERICAN BEST BOOK AWARD.

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Black Storm Rising

A Story of Determination, Hope and Redemption

The lives of the Jamaican slaves were about to change. The long-expected moment they all yearned for had arrived. After years of struggle and sacrifice under the dehumanizing slave regime, they were finally able to dismantle the oppressive system.
Then reality set in. The newly freed population’s initial reaction of euphoria quickly dissipated when they realized the monumental challenges ahead of them. Their future looked bleak. How would they survive? How were they to deal with the obstacles that they would encounter while desperately clinging to their ancestral heritage? 
Although the blood of determination and resistance ran in their veins, despair now threatened to overwhelm and engulf them. Will they give in to their despondency or can they grasp the opportunity presented to them and forge new paths, while building on the foundations left by their heroic ancestors?
Was such a herculean task possible?

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Wrath of God

A Supernatural Story of Tragedy, Mayhem and Despair

It was the heyday of piracy, and life could not have been better for the marauding buccaneers that sailed the high seas and made Port Royal their home.

Then calamity struck. A Cataclysmic earthquake roared ashore without warning disrupting and completely devastating the Pirate’s haven thus bringing an end to a city everyone called the new Sodom and Gomorra.

As the angry waters retreated the tremors subsided many wondered if the catastrophe was an accident of nature or was it divine retribution for the atrocities that had taken place in an area once called the wickedest city on earth.

Would there be more disasters in the future? How were the few residents who survived to deal with the ghosts of those who have now reared their ugly heads? As residents pondered their survival they wondered what would now become of a place once called the wickedest city on earth.

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“Norma Stone-Walker’s honest yet heartwarming representation of old Jamaica is a skillful execution of introducing us to the nuances of rural life. The aptly named characters are used to weave the fabric of ‘country life’ in a nostalgic way. I couldn’t help but smile while reminiscing on both the value and longevity of culture.
“Juxtaposed against issues of morality, Norma painstakingly provides details of each scenario, just enough to make you eager to know what comes next! A delightful read, Norma takes us through the paces of the dichotomy called survival . . . Jamaican style.”

-A. E. Roxanne Petgrave


The Third Eye, by Norma Stone Walker, is a wonderful collection of childhood memories. It gripped my attention from start to finish. It was a pleasant journey down memory lane. Well done!



This book was well written. Th humor is unbelievable: I couldn’t stop laughing right through the whole book. The memories of growing up in the same parish as the author kept flooding me in a delightful way. The spin of the African adage “it takes a village ” will stun you at the end.

-Marsha Gordon

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