All About Norma


Norma Stone Walker is a Motivational Speaker as well as a Life and
Writing Coach.

Norma is a sixth-time international self-published author. As a
writing coach, Norma is passionate about her ability to help people
write and share their stories. This helps them to transition from aspiring
writers to self-published authors.

Norma started her coaching career to help people deal with what they
perceive as the overwhelming prospect of writing their book.
Norma is extremely competent and highly qualified to help provide
guidance to aspiring authors. Prior to becoming an author, Norma
spent more than a decade as an educator working with adults, children,
and business owners.

Norma is a proud mother of two handsome young men and a
grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters.
She loves reading, but also enjoys traveling with friends and family
Norma is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of the NorGenn Author
Group LLC.